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Mr. Somsak Rinruengsin

  Position: President
  Company: Modern Plastic and Packaging Co., Ltd.
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Ms. Narumol Rinruangsin

  Position: Vice President (Public Relation)
  Company: Modern Plastic & Packaging Co.,Ltd.
  Tel: 010 636454
  Email: narumon.r@mimextrading.com
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Ms. Yiamsri Uponpong

  Position: Vice President (Management)
  Company: Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited, Cambodia Bran
  Tel: 095 222 401
  Email: yiamsri.ubo@bangkokbank.com
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Mr.Nattachai  Pusuthikammawonk

  Position: Vice President (Fund Raising & Activities)
  Company: Da Houg Heng Enterprises Ltd.
  Tel: 092 249 154
  Email: nattachai2010@gmail.com
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Mr. Poohrich Sinwat

  Position: Vice President (Academic)
  Company: C.P. Cambodia Co., Ltd.
  Tel: 096 6611966
  Email: poohrich@cpcambodia.com.kh
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Mr.Santi Laonikakra

  Position: Board of Directors
  Company: Asia Insurance(Cambodia) Plc.
  Tel: 088 411 5551
  Email: gm@asiainsurance.com.kh
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Ms. Parinda Watthanakul

  Position: Board of Directors
  Company: Thai Airways International Public Company Limited
  Tel: 016 499 399
  Email: pnhaa@thaiairways.com.kh
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Mr.Somjate Paewponsong

  Position: Board of Directors
  Company: Betagro (Cambodia) Co., Ltd
  Tel: 099 628 284
  Email: Somjatep@betagro.com
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Mr. Ritthiwut Watthanachai

  Position: Board of Directors
  Company: Branch of KASIKORNBANK PCL. (Phnom Penh)
  Tel: 086 880 889
  Email: ritthiwut.w@kasikornbank.com
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Mr.Chong Jua Yangthaworntrakoon

  Position: Board of Directors
  Company: Thomas International Services Co.,Ltd
  Tel: 017 911 578
  Email: afongyang@gmail.com
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Mr. Surachet Maneepong

  Position: Executive Member and Secretary General
  Company: TBCC / AEC Business Support Center
  Tel: 089 976 844
  Email: secretary@tbcccambodia.org
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Mr. Van Kompheak

  Position: Administrative Officer
  Company: TBCC
  Tel: 016958065
  Email: admin@tbcccambodia.org

TBCC Committees and Staffs 2018-2019