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Modern Plastic & Packaging Co.,Ltd.
  Base Country : Cambodia
  Position : Vice President
  Member Type : Ordinary Membership
  Business Type : Trading & Distribution
  Company Representative : Mr. Somsak Rinruengsin
  Tel : 011 601 105
  Email : ,
  Website :
  Address : # 526 N. Rd No.2 ,Chak Angle Re,K. Mean Chey
Modern Plastics and Packaging is a family run business, was originally started over 30 years ago in Thailand and is still operating successfully today. In 1992 MPP opened a factory in Cambodia when it could see a demand for quality plastic packaging. A full plastics manufacturing has been built servicing many well known brands, supplying a complete OEM service from manufacture of brand specific products to the printing and decoration MPP has over the years developed into a complete one-stop service for OEM, providing high quality products to customers specifications, at competitive prices and fast delivery. The product list is ever growing as we manufacture everything in our own factory, this enables us to be flexible and meet the individual demands of our customers.