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  Base Country : Cambodia
  Position : Marketing Manager
  Member Type : Ordinary Membership
  Business Type : Media & Marketing Business
  Company Representative : Ms. Kesarin Thirawatananon
  Tel : 096 930 8888
  Email : ;
  Website : ,
  Address : 344 L.Y.P. Group, Mao Tse Toung Blvd.Phnom Penh, Cambodia
PNN is officially named is"People National Network" or National People's Network. PNN is the largest television station in Cambodia, built on 10 hectares of land and cost about 40 million US dollars by Oaknha Ly Yong Phat. PNN started the first broadcast in July 2015. PNN has produced many great programs such as news programs, popular entertainment programs for children, Hong Kong & Thai dramas, especially PNN, also promote the movie industry by investing heavily in producing quality Khmer movies to the audience. The PNN is set up by a team of experienced audiences in the audiovisual sector, both publishers and news programs, with a team of 25 provinces, cities, newspapers, quick and easy news.