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PTT (Cambodia) Limited.
  Base Country : Cambodia
  Position : Marketing Manager
  Member Type : Ordinary Membership
  Business Type : Trading & Distribution
  Company Representative : Mr. Suthon Choothian
  Tel : 085 777 888
  Email :
  Website :
  Address : #146,St.Confederation De La Russie,Sk.Tuk Laak I,Kh.Tuol Kork.
PTT (CAMBODIA) LIMITED is a Thailand-based petroleum company and a wholly owned subsidiary of PTT Public Company Limited. The Company, at first appearance, found as PTT Representative Office in 1995 and then established PTT (Cambodia) Limited in 2000, registered under the law of Kingdom of Cambodia. PTTCL, at Cambodia, works very close cooperation with local oil companies, communities, & government agencies under the strong supports from its parent company. Through the big-long-strong efforts in many years, starting up from a small registered capital, very few local staff, facing tough competitors, & the powerful local oil companies, PTTCL has expanded its oil businesses activities & gradually obtained the remarkable market shares amongst the international oil companies since 2005.