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Smilephan Co.,Ltd
  Base Country : Cambodia
  Position : General Manager
  Member Type : Ordinary Membership
  Business Type : Trading & Distribution
  Company Representative : Mr. Wiroj Hunsamran
  Tel : 011 996 601/017 323 621
  Email :,
  Website :
  Address : #18 B St. Toul Svay Prey 1, Khan Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh
Smilephan Company Limited is a GMP certified cosmetic manufacturing company established in 1999. We’ve been able to build a market expansion to almost 30 countries in the globe with success. In spite of tight competition & low margin in the cosmetic industry, we never stop our research & developments in the aim of proposing high quality and cost-effectiveness products. While making our path to innovation and competitiveness, we have made “diversity” our consciousness and priority to provide a wide range of skin & hair care products. Now our produces & distributes line-ups of products under our leading brand “POP Popular”, but also “Frenté”, “Paolo”, “In taste”.